About Us


Rewriting the fashion industry traditional codes to reveal but above all, to elevate fashion to the rank of Art, is the very vocation of Thomas Guedj founder of the Elevastor project. Since the beginning, in June 2017, innovation and excellence have been the watchwords of this platform where Design, Art and Fashion meet in a bold and inspiring way.

Guided by the ambition of redefining the limits of webshopping, Elevastor’s magazine partners bring a new written and visual content and in this way, each piece and work are contextualised and presented to a clientele eager for creativity and unique pieces.

Elevastor aims at creating more than a web store but a genuine multi-genre platform, a universe that reveals and showcases pieces through editorials, articles  and installations.

Elevastor thus boasts a rich and resolutely avant-garde selection of Asian sportswear brands that are both technological and functional, young, innovative and refined European brands as well as established designers, as well as up and coming artists and furniture designers with a high creative potential that perfectly fit into the wide range of design selection on the platform.

Although, fashion inevitably responds to ephemeral trends, Elevastor's vocation is to bring a long-term vision of Art, and offer its products to a demanding clientele seeking culture and exclusivity.



Contact us anytime at contact@elevastor.com
Visit us at 1 Rue Dupetit-Thouars 75003 Paris France
Opening Hours – Tuesday to Sunday –  11h00 to 19h30