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Located in Brooklyn, Luar blurs the boundaries between avant-garde phenomenon and fashion label by deconstructing traditional tailoring to create captivating and theatrical designs. Designer Raul Lopez, who co-founded the underground cult brand Hood By Air in the early 2000s, brings together diverse cultural influences to craft a singular aesthetic that captures the spirit of the times.

With Luar, Lopez combines Dominican flamboyance with a clever downtown sensibility, reimagining corporate attire and cotton fleece basics into a visionary collection of gender-fluid silhouettes. Unexpected cutouts, straps, and asymmetrical constructions lend shirts, coats, and blazers a rebellious edge, while cursive logo embroideries grace sportswear essentials in soft pastel tones.

Luar's subversive ready-to-wear line is not only a manifestation of artistic expression but also a celebration of community, culture, and diversity. The brand's distinctive designs embody a spirit of inclusivity and defiance, pushing the boundaries of fashion and challenging conventional norms.